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A reclusive screenwriter with a vivid imagination dreams of making it big in the entertainment business and constantly pushed to step out of her comfort zone into crazy unforeseen circumstances by her extroverted friend.




Boring. Boujee. Mean. Anti-social or some would say asocial… whatever the hell that means. All are terms used to describe some introverted people in today’s society, at least in the mind of reclusive screenwriter, April Clark. She prefers the term “selectively social.” In other words she doesn’t f*ck with a lot of people. She revels in her alone time to recharge her batteries whenever she is drained by everyday life. Her refuge consists of the three W’s that bring her complete and utter happiness: weed, wings and wine. All the essentials that she needs in her introvert survival kit to fuel her vivid imagination when writing her scripts.    


April has a big dream of producing films and creating unique roles for women of color. Networking and building relationships with people is the key to getting ahead in the film industry. April’s problem is that she doesn’t want to know any damn body! Her big breasted, super extroverted, social butterfly of a friend, Dee-Dee, tries to save April from her solitude.  


Dee-Dee is a firm believer in April's writing talents and encourages her to step out of her comfort zone by influencing her to leave the house on spontaneous dating and networking excursions. Although well intentioned, Dee-Dee’s impromptu plans and outgoing spirit is often a recipe for disaster and their outings always turn into events of unforeseen crazy circumstances.


Amid the wild social events, April’s imagination kicks into high gear where she and Dee-Dee partake in comical reenactments from her favorite movie scenes that relate to their current situation. Drug lords, gangsters, spies, detectives, action stars, women who stumble upon an ancient relic and granted magical powers…etc. All roles that she would love to see black women portray in TV and film. 


The Introvert Life takes audiences on a comedic journey and emotional rollercoaster ride of one woman's struggle to get out of her own way to blossom into the best version of herself and fulfill her dreams.


Tiffany Yancey

Creator | Writer | Executive Producer | Actress

Tiffany a native of Philadelphia began her acting journey once she graduated from Temple University in 1997 and moved to the Washington DC Metro area.  Over the next 10 years she honed her skills taking theatre courses and started booking roles in various stage, commercial, extra and independent projects.  After going on a hiatus to give birth to her daughter Tori Elaina in 2007, she jumped back into following her dreams.  In 2013 she received the “Best Supporting Actress” award at the EOTM (Entrepreneurs On The Move) for her role as “Tia” in the film “Split Second”, an adulterous wife who agrees to murder her husband for their life insurance policy.     

She then stepped out on faith and decided to write, produce and star in her first film “Love Him or Leave Him.” about an interior designer who meets the man of her dreams but he comes up short in the bedroom.  This later garnered her the “Best Comedic Feature” award at the Urban Media Makers Film Festival in 2015 and “Best Score” award at the Philadelphia Film Awards in 2016.   

These accomplishments lit a fire within her to start honing her screenwriting talents extensively and start her production company, A.T. Yancey Entertainment, LLC   which she plans to produce projects that tell stories from a black woman’s perspective.  Her next feature that she wrote “Holiday Heartbreak” was recently produced by Mega Mind Media and will be airing Christmas 2020.  Her comedic TV pilot “The Introvert Life” will be making its rounds on the film festival circuit in 2020 as well.    


Tiffany’s vision and purpose is to create opportunities for women of color in front and behind the scenes in the entertainment industry.  The only way to open doors is to create them yourself. 


Actress, singer, and film producer Lynia Love was born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey. She developed her passion for performing while growing up in the church. Since then, Love has sharpened her skills by training under accredited acting coaches Marishka Phillips, Karen Vicks, Tracey Moore, Jonna Johnson and Carl Kennedy, MFA.


Credits include the web series Beyond Desperation, directed by Damon Darrell, and the feature films Last Love Lost,directed by Jahmar Hill, and Love Him or Leave Him, directed by Tim Fontaine, which won “Best Comedy Feature” at the 2015 Urban Media-Makers Film Festival in Atlanta, GA. Love has also dabbled in internet radio with a stint on Happy Hour with Chase on Philly Hott Radio based out of Philadelphia, PA.


In 2019, Love formed Lady Love Productions, an independent film production company based in the New Jersey/Philadelphia Tri-State area. Partnering with writer and director Damon Darrell of Monarch Motion and Media, she executive produced and starred in the dramatic feature film Providence, in which she portrayed a brazen-faced, emotionally damaged detective in hot pursuit of a serial rapist.


In 2019, Love co-produced and co-starred in the upcoming comedic web series Introvert Life, written, produced, and starring Tiffany Yancey and directed by award-winning filmmaker Chad Eric Smith. The series, a collaboration of Lady Love Productions and Yancey’s April Reign Productions, is scheduled for release in the Fall of 2020.

Lynia Love

Co-Producer | Actress 

Chad Eric Smith


Chad Eric Smith is a native of Washington, DC with over 15 years of experience as a professional actor both on stage and in front of the camera. In 2014, he added filmmaker to his resume when he co-wrote and starred in his directorial debut, Dark Therapy, in which he gave an award-winning performance as a vampire who seeks psychiatric treatment for an extreme and irrational fear of blood. The horror comedy received a worldwide distribution deal with REVOLT TV. In 2017, Smith wrote and directed the short psychological sci-fi drama Rumination, which was produced by his production company MisterDuke Productions. The film, about a heartbroken man who travels into the past for a second chance at a failed relationship, was an official selection at over 30 film festivals nationwide and won over 20 awards before becoming available on Amazon PrimekweliTVLaurel Channel, and Trindie TV. In 2019, the Washington, DC Office of Cable Television, Film, Music, and Entertainment selected Smith as the October Filmmaker of the Month. In 2020, Smith co-produced and starred in the short sci-fi drama, Fatherless, in which he gave an award-winning performance as a young physicist with a troubled past who seeks to develop time travel in an attempt to fix his childhood. Directing credits also include three episodes of the upcoming comedy series Uproar, produced by Commodore Independent Filmworks/Terrell Entertainment.

Learn more about Chad Eric Smith at www.misterdukeproductions.com


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